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Thank you for signing up to my freelancer mailing list!

In order to ensure I am keeping everyone updated on the roles most relevant to them, I would like you to register with your name, email address and then select which type of freelance gigs you would like to hear about in the future. (Listed under Freelancer Specialism below).

From here, each time we get a new role on you will be notified straight to your inbox. It's the best way for me to ensure I am informing you of every role that could be of interest to you. 

FYI: I will not be able to filter these mailing lists by your day-rate so you will receive emails about roles that don't match up in that respect. If this is the case, please don't respond to the email. You only need to reply if the role is of interest and you would like to discuss it further.  

Thank you!
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